Saturday, May 28, 2011

purple baby quilt

here's a little quilt i finished last week, it's probably in a dark lonely sorting office now - on it's long journey to it's new baby owner in england.

purple quilt

it's a three improv-ed log cabins sashed in white, on a natural linen background

the gorgeous little purple flower was a japanese voile i got in spotlight which i love love love. unfortunately i haven't seen in again.

purple quilt close up

also in those little log cabins are a couple of shot cottons, some grey kei honeycomb and a little snippet of some kokka ballerinas, some kona ash and a couple of other little scraps from the scrap box

purple quilt close up

quilted with organic lines a la jacquie

i bound it with the voile which from a longevity stand point - probably not the best choice, but it's just so gorgeous and yummy i couldn't resist!

purple quilt folded

hopefully it will enjoy have a little baby girl rolling around all over it!

1 comment:

  1. Oh that's gorgeous, simple and stylish - I love it. I'm sure the new baby will too.