Monday, May 16, 2011

KCWC - day six and seven and a roundup

as suspected the weekend didn't leave a lot of time for sewing on day six and seven of kcwc.

i did manage to finish one pair of bloomers...

and get three quarters of the way through another pair.....

and i started on a baby sunsuit using this tutorial, but then realised the only poppers I had were ones which you hand sew on and I didn't think they stand up to much wear and tear, so I'll need to get to the shops before I can finish those.

so my grand total for kcwc is as follows....

3.75 pairs of bloomers
2 skirts
2 dresses (finished off)

so not a monumental amount, and not as much as i would have liked, but i always have grand plans in my head - but with only a measley 24 hours in a day there's just never enough time! (n.b. when pre-bath meltdowns are in full swing believe me i am very thankful there are only 24 hours in a day!)

but the flickr group has provided so much inspiration, and i've pulled out so  much fabric - i think kcwc might just stretch out to another week.

i'd love to make some shorts like these, using this tutorial....

and a leah tunic from this sew along...... found through here...

and a top using this as inspiration....

the week after this will be my personal - "all those little sewing projects i keep putting off week challenge"


  1. I love these! The pink binding is an especially sweet touch. Well done :)

  2. My goodness you did well! I love the fabric on the new bloomers, your little lady will look fantastic!