Thursday, June 30, 2011

my creative space

this week i'm working on a quilt for Sophia, i've had the fabrics for two years now, so i decided it was high time for this quilt to make it to the top of the to do list. lots of far far away in pink and orange to match her bunting and canvases, and there will be a pillow to match too. just hope i don't run out of the white linen!

my creative space

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

toyko subway map quilt

finally finished, only started it about 9 months ago!!!!

tokyo subway map quilt
please excuse the dreadful photo i really must find a better way of photographing large quilts

but she's finished and i love her! she's awesome, thank you elizabeth for such a great pattern and quilt along.

tokyo subway map quilt

made using lots of scraps and fabric from my stash (although an emergency trip to spotlight was called for after a complete lack of any grey in my stash was noted) and the white is an ikea sheet

tokyo subway map quilt

i loved the quilting so much on the original quilt, i went with the same straight line quilting, although i didn't stitch in the ditch (partly because i forgot, and by the time i realised i really couldn't be a***d to go back and fill it all in!!!)

the cutting of the squares took long time, as did sewing the 1600 pieces together, but it was well worth it!

and the back is some ikea houses fabric, along with some blah blah blah fabric which i think is from timeless treasures, along with a small piece of black and grey to make it big enough.

tokyo subway map quilt back

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


more pretty-fying of the girls rooms, a little embroidered pillow for H to match her quilt.

just some two inch squares and a solid border around a piece of white linen, with her name embroidered in floss, just perfect for a mini ikea poang chair!

H pillow

envelope back, with a little contrast binding on the opening.

H pillow back

i love making these and i'm just starting on one for S.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

my creative space

today i will mostly be working on my tokyo subway map quilt.

my creative space

i did the quiltalong on oh fransson, finished the top months and months ago, did half the quilting and then gave up as the quilting was so dreadful! i just can't seem to get the tension right, but in the end i just decided to live with it and finish it off. i think the dreadful quilting may have something to do with the thread, it's DMC hand and machine quilting thread, but i think it's too thick so i'll keep it just for hand quilting.

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