Monday, July 28, 2014

Kids Clothes Week - almost done!

Been plugging away at getting these dresses finished for the girls to wear to a wedding next week. And finally they're (almost) finished! Thank you KCW for giving me the push to get them finished - otherwise they'd have been going to the wedding in shorts and t-shirt or a princess dress-up - possibly not appropriate.

Here is S's dress....

The spots were inspired by this beautiful dress which I pinned literally years ago. The colour of the spots doesn't come out quite right on the photos, they are a lovely bronze colour. I used a dylon metallic fabric paint to paint them.

The dress itself is based on the geranium pattern from Made by Rae. But I wanted a added length to the bodice to make the dress a little more sophisticated for a five and half year old (who hates dresses!)I also modified the neckline a little by making it wider.

I was super duper pleased with myself with the seams. I couldn't get my head around how you would do french seams with in-seam pockets - so was on the cusp of losing one of them. The fabric is extremely prone to fraying, so french seams were called for, and I love in-seam pockets for little girls, so didn't want to lose them. So in came my goole-in-shining-armour! I found this tutorial and it was easy pips!

And here is H's dress

This time with gold spots which I thought looked better with the pink. I did the dame sort of modifications to the bodice as I did for the blue dress, and was inspired by the Caroline Party Dress for a full skirt with tulle.

It's the first time I've sewn a garment with a zip, and it was pretty easy and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome (I won't show you the bottom of the zip where the seams don't meet - shhhhh!) I used this tutorial from Groovy Baby and Mama for the zip

And this time I used the lining fabric for nice soft pockets.

The fabrics which I used for both were a complete bargain. I think I paid about £4 for each colour. I think they are curtain fabric. They look a bit like silk, but I'm not 100% convinced that it is!

It doesn't wash well, so these are one wear only dresses. Writing that down makes these dresses seem silly - a lot of work for one wear - but I think my girls will look so lovely in them, and at least no-one else will be wearing the same thing! 

Right - now I need to paint spots on the back, and sew some tulle onto the lining to make them princessy and hold their shape a bit better!

Friday, July 25, 2014

KCW Day 1,2,3 and 4!!

Not a lot to show for days one through four - well no finished garments anyway.

I'm working on dresses for my girls to wear to a wedding in two weeks - a modified Geranium and a Geranium with some inspiration from the Caroline Party Dress. Hopefully I'll have something worth photographing tomorrow.

Today I worked on a bow tie using this tutorial from A Lemon Squeezy Home. I think it's turned out a little bit too big - G is only 18 months, I think the sizing would be fine for an older boy, but I'm going to remake it slightly smaller.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hello... back again...

Whoa, quite a break from the blog (again....)

Just popped in to show you my latest quilt.

It's one ring from Denyse Schmidt's single girl pattern, surrounded by cream linen.

I quilted it with simple (almost) straight lines, and it's bound in a grey honeycomb dot.

I rummage through my scrap bin to find lots of interesting i-spy type of fabrics, there's a London bus, a sock monkey, a mermaid and a goldfish mixed in with some pretty florals. The backing is Old Lace Shasta in Pink from the Glamping collection by Mary Jane for Moda.

The quilt is for sale at Afterglow in Olney, Northants.

It's only a small baby quilt, but I love it. Every time I finish a quilt I have a yearning to make more - but there are only 24 hours in a day, three small people to entertain, a house to clean and five mouths to feed...... oh and piles upon piles of laundry!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

KCW - days 3,4 and five

days three, four and five were spent making these shorts.

they're style S from happy homemade vol. 5

i love the finish you get from japanese sewing books, the top stitching down the side seam and the centre seam give it a really nice finish, and i'll definitely be utilising that in other garments.

and made the 110cm for my four and a half year old and they're a perfect fit.

the fabric is some essex yarn dyed linen (maybe in flax?)

they would probably benefit from a good iron - but the linen is quite creas-y so why bother!

Friday, July 19, 2013

KCW Day 1 and 2

days one and two were spent cutting out and making these shorts.

the fabric is an indigo linen which looks kind of denim-y, from fabricland in kingston, and they are lined with a floral japanese voile from spotlight in singapore.

i loosely followed the pattern from some shorts in happy homemade vol 5. and wanted to use the method from anna maria horner's quick change trousers to line them. but i didn't add enough length to the rise to accommodate an elastic waistband, so in the end i cut out a waistband and came up with my own way of attaching it. i think they turned out quite well.

days three and four were a bit of a disaster and i don't have much to show! bring on day five, six and seven....

Monday, July 15, 2013

Back in blogland...

well it's been a whopping 21 months since my last post! guess i wasn't quite ready to commit to a blog back then (hopefully i am now!)

and in that 21 months i've managed to move 9321 miles back to the UK, with a six week holiday around the US on the way, oh and had another baby!

kids clothes week has lured me back to blogland, and hopefully i'll manage some regular posts on my latest creations.

on my to do list is the tulip pinafore from too sweets patterns, a pair of shorts from Happy Homemade Vol. 5 and a hat for the little man. there is of course a huge list of other things i'd like to make, and a whirlwind of fabric combination floating around in my head - but let's be realistic and leave it at those three and be happy for any extras.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

KCWC - days 2-7!

welllllllllllll, i did manage to sew for an hour a day, but i don't have a lot to show for it. i went for quality over quantity and tried to focus on the details.

inspired by these gorgeous shorts, i set about making a girly pair.

lots of faffing around later et voila!

sophia's shorts

i used this tutorial on made, really good and i'll definitely be making some more, think i'll try the lined trousers next time with some old t-shirts for the lining.

things i've learned - sew pockets onto trouser panels before sewing the trousers together!

and i made harriet a matching pair.

harriet's shortsDSC_0271

i just traced an old pair of shorts to make a pattern, and i'm really pleased with how they turned out, i think i'll make some more adding a little bit into the bum and the rise and they'll be perfect!

i even made little name tags for them both, i just stamped onto cotton webbing using ink which once ironed will stand the up to the washing machine.

sophia's shorts

harriet's shorts

i still have lots of stuff i want to make so i think i'll continue my own personal kids clothes challenge for the next few weeks..... but first i need a week on a thai beach......