Monday, September 19, 2011

vintage treats + KCWC

do the 80s count as vintage?!!!

my mum came to visit a few weeks ago, and brought with her a few sewing bits and bobs which she's had in her cupboard for yonks! (she's a bit of a hoarder!)

all packed up in this cool tin

cool tin

filled with lace and broderie trims, some lace collars, cutout patches.....

cool tin, containing vintage trims

i think some of them came from my aunt who used to be a designer, and then had her own boutique.

vintage trims

and these cool tapes, i remember playing with these when i was a kid, not sure what to do with them though - any ideas? especially the number one?

vintage trims

and she also brought these beauties

80s Burda

Burda magazines from 1986! two in german and one in english (at least the german should be easier to figure out than the japanese craft books!)

80s Burda -

how cute are these two?..

80s Burda

nice specs!...

80s Burda - nice specs

i actually quite like this one...

80s Burda

and these could be cute in some nice fabric...

80s Burda

kind of scary but cute too!..

80s Burda  - frills!

i really like the boys all in one

80s Burda

and as it's KCWC in a few weeks I'll definitely be making use of some of these trims and patterns.... now i just need to find some leg warmers and velvet scrunchies to complete the looks!

Friday, September 16, 2011


didn't mean to be quite soooooo long between posts!

things have however been pretty productive around here, but as usual i forgot to take pictures!

basting is completed on the single girl quilt, that things is mahooosive, i thread basted as i'm hand quilting and safety pins just get in the way and add too much weight, but it took quite a long time to thread baste so i'm just imagining how long the hand quilting will take!

single girl basting

SIngle Girl basting

and i whipped up this little nappy carrier for my smaller bag, the tutorial is from Anna of noodlehead, and was really easy to follow, but i did unpick the whole thing and make it smaller, as I wanted something pretty small, so i made it just the right size for two nappies and a packet of wipes.

Nappy carry case

i've got a few other finished projects to show you, a few projects on the go and a HUGE list of things I need to make!