Friday, May 27, 2011

giveaway winner!

and the winner is..... drumroll please....
sertyan  who said...
My Favourite tutorial in blogland is Made By Rae's Itty Bitty Dress
thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway - i was blown away by the response. and i now have 421 suggestions of tutorials. i will put together a post of the most popular tutorials from the comments and any other tutorials which i haven't seen before.

i'm still waiting with baited breath to see if i've won anything from the giveaways i entered on giveaway day - but can i just say i've never won anything in a giveaway and i've entered the giveaways on three sew mama sew giveaway days now. it takes me back to my childhood when i never ever won pass the parcel - not even at my own party! but now that i've hosted a giveaway - you never know maybe karma will eventually let me win something!

small print - it's not about winning it's the taking part that counts!


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