Monday, April 27, 2015

Octopus Tutu

Our village has a May Fayre and has done for more than 200 years!

This year the theme is The Seaside, all the children from the school and play school parade through the village and then there is a big fair on the school field.

Cue costume options.

Miss S "I want to be a diver" same as her best friend, quickly order a wetsuit and a dive mask.

Me to Miss H "how about a mermaid" nope, "a jellyfish?" nope

Miss H "i want to be a SHARK!"

Hmmmmm sharks are quite difficult so I talked her into being an octopus after seeing this tutorial.

A quick trip to the market, £4 later I returned with some white felt and some rather tacky purple lurex with gold sequins.

I started with a test leg....

Then seven more legs and a tutu later here we have it!!

She still wants a head, so I'll have to work in that.


  1. Eeeek, the button suckers are brilliant. This is such a fun thing to have made for her. You must feel like the best mum ever.

    1. Thanks - what a sweet thing to say! I'm really stick on what to do for the head though, i was hoping she'd go for a couple of eyes stuck on a shirt - but she wants a proper head : {

  2. Think she would go for eyes attached to a plain cotton hat for a head? What a fabulous costume!

  3. Thanks! I currently making a hood with bogey eyes!

  4. Hi! I would like to include this fantastic tutu in a sewing trends roundup for Sew Mama Sew. Please get back to me ASAP at for more info about the post. Thank you!

  5. Octopus tutu!?! How clever are you!

    1. Thanks - of course a lot of credit goes to the writer of the tutorial - I would never have thought to put elastic to make them curl up! And she loved it so that's whats important!!