Tuesday, January 20, 2015


no.1's very good friends are twin, and they turned six today.

as their gift i wanted to make them something, but what do you make for a six year old boy (unless you work in a toy factory in china - then you could make loads of stuff they'd like!) they are completely and utterly into minecraft - so a minecraft cushion it is!

i ordered the fabrics from plush addict after school on tuesday and they were through the letter box on wednesday! very impressive.

i did all my maths to calculate what size squares i would need for a 30cm cushion insert, cut some squares out and decided my maths must have been wrong and cut lots and lots of squares a bit smaller...... turns out my maths was right, so this one has a black border to make it a bit bigger.

then i went back to my originally calculations and made this one....

in a way i quite like that they are different as they are for twins, it's nice for them to have things not exactly the same.

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