Monday, July 15, 2013

Back in blogland...

well it's been a whopping 21 months since my last post! guess i wasn't quite ready to commit to a blog back then (hopefully i am now!)

and in that 21 months i've managed to move 9321 miles back to the UK, with a six week holiday around the US on the way, oh and had another baby!

kids clothes week has lured me back to blogland, and hopefully i'll manage some regular posts on my latest creations.

on my to do list is the tulip pinafore from too sweets patterns, a pair of shorts from Happy Homemade Vol. 5 and a hat for the little man. there is of course a huge list of other things i'd like to make, and a whirlwind of fabric combination floating around in my head - but let's be realistic and leave it at those three and be happy for any extras.

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