Sunday, October 9, 2011


not as prepared for KCWC as i'd hoped...

i had grand plans to have loads of things all cut out before the start of kcwc, and ready to sew together, resulting a very productive week.

as usual my actual output this week has fallen monumentally short of my rather optimistic predicted (hoped for) output. and i have nothing cut out, not even a list of things to make.

so here we go....

here's a little stack of some of my fabric i've pulled to work with

kcwc stack

and i'd like to make knot shorts in yellow seersucker for S, and little shorts in yellow seersucker for H, a skirt with heart pockets in the chambray, and some sort of dress in the spot seersucker.

this funky japanese print is just calling out to be worn by cute little people!

cool japanese fabric

this dress

stylish girls clothes

in this strawberry print.

strawberry fabric

another dress for S and a peasant top or shorts for H in this pink gingham

pink gingham

and i really want to make some of these for both of them for when we will be in slightly cooler weather (wooohoo!) but i'm undecided on fabric.....

maybe this for one side...

japanese cake print

so there we have it, a rather optimistic plan of action for kcwc! what are you planning on making?

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