Monday, April 25, 2011


"prettyfying" (my own word) the girls rooms continues - here is and embroidery which I finished a while ago, but only just got around to framing and hanging.

matryoshka embroideryp

it coordinates with the quilt for H which i will hopefully have finished next week

matryoshka embroidery framed

i drew my own pattern based on the matryoshkas from the quilt fabric and then used badbird's heart embroidery pattern as an inspiration for the patterns on the doll's body. Andrea's free embroidery patterns are awesome, and on my pre-christmas to do list is definitely this tree embroidery, and another prettyfy project involves these fab unicorns for S's room

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  1. This is absolutely stunning. I love that you drew most of the pattern yourself. I hope this still hangs in your daughter's room. It is a truly unique and beautiful piece. I found you via a google search and so glad that I did. I am going to attempt to do one myself. Thank you for the inspiration.